Processed microarray datasets (in compressed csv format: .tar.gz)
  • processed MILES normal karyotype AML data [download]
  • processed Metzeler+Wouters+Tomasson normal karyotype AML data [download]
  • processed TCGA GBM data [download]
  • processed MILES cALL data [download]
  • processed MILES CLL data [download]
  • processed MILES MDS data [download]
Candidate driver genes
Data from 30 primary patient samples
  • data matrix of obatoclax sensitivity and PYCARD expression [download]
SPARROW expression driver results 

    The results are saved as an R data object (.rda), which contains the array of significant relationships between candidate drivers and targets, and summary statistics for the frequency of both chosen drivers and targets across 8 different methods (SPARROW1, SPARROW2, LASSO1, LASSO2, Correlation1, Correlation2, WGCNA, and ARACNE) for identifying candidate drivers based on expression data.